Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fan Dance

Sure, summer evokes lazy afternoons, congenial barbeques, swimming and sultry nights just made for dancing. But you'd better face it now: the only way you'll be able to dance in the summer heat to come is if you have a fan.

I'm not talking about anything new fangled or vintage or fancy. Forget about that Dyson thing that doesn't even have blades (it's a bloody fortune and interferes with natural selection. Think about it). And while one of those lovely vintage style fans looks ever so pretty in the corner of your bedroom, they're usually creaky and noisy. No, what you (and any giftee stuck in a steamy New York apartment; that would be you, Joanna) needs is a no nonsense metal fan that'll get the job done. Take this Patton metal fan pictured here. It's functional, pretty attractive in a utilitarian way, and actually moves the air without fuss. It's also about $65, which is the price range you want in order to own metal instead of plastic.

Plus, the brand is called Patton, which evokes military precision and excellence: a fan that will accomplish its mission. Find the stalwart Mr. Patton on Amazon, and get ready for swing dancing in the summer air.

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