Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pummel With The Pestle

If you've been to a nice restaurant, you've noticed: summer food is officially here. Good tomatoes are making an appearance, wonderful lettuce and lighter fare is front and center. Shouldn't the same be true of home cuisine?

One of the essential kitchen tools that even seasoned home cooks forget about is the old mortar and pestle. Ancient yet efficient, this bowl and hand grinder make short work of grinding spices for rubs and marinades, produces authentically rustic pestos and sauces, and makes perfect guacamole. Elbow grease, is of course, required. But maybe the work won't be quite so enervating using this nifty mortar and pestle set. The big plus? Besides its modernist shape and colors, it's two bowls in one. Use the smaller, lid side for little jobs like spices; the bigger bowl for quantity. And at under $40, it makes a perfect hostess gift.

So get into the grind and order one or four of these new sets today at A+R. One more reason to pestle: arm workouts for those summer tanks.

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