Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teach a Man to Fish

Well, not really. My old man dislikes fishing and would only do it under duress. He also might not appreciate the humor of this gift. But some of your more cheesy Dads will.

Meet the original Singing Big Mouth Trout. You've seen him dozens of times, probably on some random visit to Bed, Bath and Beyond, but never actually had the gumption to purchase him. Well, why not? He's cute, portable, has a motion sensor, and turns and sings to you (or Dad. Whoever's closest. He's not discriminating). This is the original fishie, not that new Tommy Trout thing that sings "Joy To the World." This old mounted mechanized beast sings "Take Me to The River," for obvious reasons, and "Angel of the Morning" (a pure mystery). This guy is a classic, just like Dad.

Mr. Aquatic Serenade is currently on sale at Cyberbrands for the ultra-low price of $19.99, plus S&H. Order and install him for at least five minutes of hilarity.

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