Monday, June 14, 2010

Daddy's Little Problem Solver

Father's Day is rapidly approaching. The Toad finds this Hallmark holiday to be one of the most frustrating. Men can be difficult to shop for, and Dads are no exception. And forget the tie.

Throw Dad a lifeline instead. Men, for the most part, like useful things which garner results. Take this Help, I Have Problems travel kit for instance, crammed full of solutions for life's little physical problems, like blisters, lack of sleep, headaches, and just about any other minor problem. The footprint for this kit is super small, so it'll fit easily into either his medicine cabinet or his travel dop kit. And it sort of solves the problem of Dad searching fruitlessly for the advil or the bandaids, since now it's all in one place (I suppose he could just search fruitlessly for the entire kit instead, but let's be optimistic about this).

Thus, Daddy's Little Girl or Boy can become Daddy's Little Problem Solver. Voila, years of therapy avoided with just one purchase! Find the kit at Design Within Reach.

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