Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cold Brewski

Summer is basically here (I can tell by the infernal "June Gloom" which has descended over the LA basin). Summer means a change in drinking habits, and I don't mean beer brands. I'm talking about coffee. Iced coffee, to be exact.

Making iced coffee used to be a drag. Make hot coffee, let it cool, pour it over ice, hope for the best. Until this new iced coffee maker came on the market. This thing is instant iced coffee at home, brewed fresh and lovely (instead of that rancid coffee extract many coffee houses use for their iced coffee preparations). An added bonus to this whole cold brew process is that it brews particularly low acid coffee, for all of us who want to keep our summer buzz on, but need to protect our finicky tummies from acid ravage.

This little at home item is under $40, and is a great gift with a pound of excellent beans (while the process is very important, if the beans suck, it's garbage in, garbage out). Find out more at the Toddy Cafe site. And enjoy a cold brewski anytime.