Monday, June 14, 2010

DIY Big Daddy Greenthumb

It's no secret that many dads appreciate a good DIY project. It makes them feel manly and relevant, useful and resourceful. And if your Dad likes to garden, this is a wonderful Father's Day gift.

I've waited to post this item because I wanted to try it out myself first. And the verdict is: success! This Flora Grubb vertical garden panel works like a dream (in fact, my panel looks far better than the one pictured here. A minor miracle considering the Toad's gardening aptitude). For a gardening Daddy, the vertical garden truly delivers. It's compact, efficient, beautiful and impressive, but actually requires very little work. Simply order as many panels as you think he'd like (I only did one). He picks the 45 tiny plants to insert in each cell (succulents work perfectly, but herbs would do as well for a fabulously chic kitchen garden). He plants them in each cell, and leaves it to root for roughly one month. Then, hang on the desired wall. That's it! Watering weekly works fine; there's no need for fancy irrigation systems here.

Each panel is about a hundred bucks, and plants are extra, so this isn't a super cheap gift. But who puts a price on a sense of accomplishment? Find this Big Daddy of DIY projects at Flora Grubb.

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