Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Matryoshkas Made to Measure

Cooking is absolutely an art, but let's not forget about the science, too. A measuring screw up can leave your dinner plans in a shambles. Good measuring tools are mandatory, but shouldn't they be stylish, too?

Meet these Matryoshkas. Maytryoshka dolls, for the non-Russian reader (most of us), are those funny wooden dolls that fit neatly inside one another (no, they are NOT Nutcrackers, those creepy uniformed gents that appear around the holidays and thankfully vanish afterward). These measuring cups feature a popular measure per doll, all of which stack neatly and tidily for safekeeping in a crowded kitchen. These cups look so cool, in fact, that you or your giftee could leave the set out on the kitchen counter and everyone would assume they were a minimalist take on an Old Country favorite.

These would make a lovely hostess gift (just $18), or a gift for the newly cooking person who needs good tools. Because, while the tools don't necessary make the cook, they certainly can't hurt the cuisine. Find the Mrs. Matryoshkas at Happy.

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