Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Foodie Foodie Sous Vide

Warning: this item is WAY out of the Toad's price points. Thus, it's super special, meant for a very specific person who is very special to you, plus is a complete and utter foodie fool.

I'm talking about sous vide cooking, at home, without having to assemble components and machinery. This is the first sous vide home cooker on the market, and it's apparently a great thing, if you're into that sort of thing. What's sous vide? If you have to ask, this probably isn't a gift you'll be interested in giving (but I'll tell you anyway). Sous vide is food packed into a vacuum pack and simmered gently in water at a very controlled temperature, which produces even cooking, amazing tenderness and texture, and exquisite flavors without lots of oil and fat. None other than the famed Thomas Keller is an enormous sous vide aficionado (his book on sous vide, Under Pressure, is probably the at home bible for the process). This miraculous little machine makes sous vide a possibility anytime. Here's the rub: it's expensive, like over 400 clams expensive.

But for the foodie fool in your life, it's such a fabulous gift! Just think of the months and years of wonderful gourmet food presented to you as a thank you gift. Makes my mouth water. The cooker is found only at Sur La Table; the vacuum sealer is extra and should be purchased by some other kind soul.

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