Monday, June 28, 2010

No Tipping Whilst Tipsy

Ah, the joys of summer outdoor relaxation. Sitting in a shady spot, quaffing some nice inexpensive fruity wine, enjoying the nothingness.

It's a joy, at least, until some drunken guest (or you) spills that Two Buck Chuck all over the new french print tablecloth, truly ruining the tranquility of the moment. But how does one avoid such incidents? Change out the wineglasses for something more stable. Take these Spanish wine glasses, for instance. Fine, they don't look like wine glasses, they look like truncated tumblers, but the Spanish use them for casual wine quaffing. And what is summer drinking if not casual? You don't need to snort and sniff and swirl that cheap ass summer wine around in some fancy glass; just serve it up in these squat buckets and call it a day.

Did I mention that these glasses are just six bucks each? True, that's a lot more than the Trader Joe's rose you'll be serving, but they'll last many times longer. Find these Spanish beauties at Spartan.

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