Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Litter Lunch

It's back to school time yet again! I don't know about you, but my girl's new school has the curious policy of no litter lunches. Anything that's carried in must be carried out, so the time honored brown bagging it is completely out of the question.

Thus, this Box Appetit lunch container caught my eye. It fits a small, reasonable lunch in one small footprint, so the kid can have two courses, a sauce pot containing dip (hummus, anyone) or salad dressing, and a reusable fork. Since my child is not a sandwich fan, those compartments are going to rapidly fill up with soba noodle salads and pieces of quiche (yes, she's a weird one). But for those pb & j sammie fans, the food compartment is removable for extra room. Plus, it looks all fresh and current in clean white and bright green (a reminder that you are, indeed, green yourself by using it. Now's the time to get carried away by your environmental virtue).

This set is dishwasher and microwave safe, plus contains none of the BPA beasties parents are so up in arms about these days. So rest easy and give the litter a break. Go to Momastore to find out more.

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