Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Groove on the Table

As usual, summer has decided to hit Los Angeles late, and with a vengeance. We'll be seeing temperatures into the 90s well into October, until we long for a little fog and a nip in the air.

But rest assured, there will reach a point when we won't even remember the heat, and we'll long for summer. We may not have control of the seasons, but we can provide little reminders of summer. Take, for instance, this lovely Heath Ceramics Summer bud vase. Not only is it by the venerable Heath, a classic studio whose wares look equally good in homes ranging from Spanish to Modernist, but it's such a delightful color way. It just seems to epitomize summer, even without a bud of your choice sticking out of it. It's classic yet fanciful, and it makes a perfect gift now for winter days later.

Heath isn't a bargain; this vase is $75. But it's such a keeper. And when you're bundled in boots and scarves and sweaters, it'll remind you that the summer season is just around the bend. Check out the entire line at Heath Ceramics.

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Christina Simon said...

This is sooooo pretty. It would look great in my modern house!