Monday, September 12, 2011

Bless the Baby (and Aunt Sheri)

There's nothing quite like a new baby in the family. It usually brings out the greatest expansion of joy, as friends and relatives gather to "shower" the new mom and baby with gifts. And nothing beats the gift of a hand knit, handmade baby blanket.

Take, for instance, this unbelievably hip and vibrant blanket, made by my Aunt Sheri, for my sister's daughter. There's no question that Aunt Sheri has created a family heirloom. She purposely didn't use pastels, a design choice I wholeheartedly support. I can't even imagine the time, creativity, and work that went into the creation of this blanket (and I didn't even include the little purple knit hat, with flower, that accompanied it. At that point, Aunt Sheri was radically, and righteously, showing off her goods). Now, not everyone is lucky enough to have a talented and generous Aunt Sheri. That's why you might have to give the gift made by an outsider, like this other blanket found on Etsy. Yes, it's not as spectacular, but Aunt Sheri has a very demanding full time profession (NOT knitting), and can't make blankets for everyone.

So, go to this link on Etsy and check out this blanket for the new baby in the family. And, before you do, give props to Aunt Sheri, knitter and Aunt extraordinaire.

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