Friday, September 23, 2011

Wild Photos

Now that summer's ending, you probably have photos all over the place, documenting your travels, holidays, or just plain lazy torpor. But not all those photos are framable keepers. What about the ones you just want to display for a brief time?

While there's always the fridge (although not even then; my stainless finish repels magnets like teflon), I think there has to be a better venue. Enter Animags! These cute little magnetic picture stands from Japan (that means they're quality and hard to find) are available in four different animals: bear, deer, a cow and a hammerhead shark out of water. They conveniently hold these temporary pics on your desk or window sill or whatever, until you're ready to change them up. Did I mention they're really cute?

Buy all four at Photo Jojo for $30 and give them to a grandparent with an envelope full of shots. It's a terrific low cost family gift.

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