Friday, August 31, 2012

Sneaker Punch: What Kind of Fashion Fools Are We?

The humble Adidas teams up with Opening Ceremony... for $235. What a bargain!
So, this post isn't a gift idea, unless you're one generous and frivolous gift giver. This is more a rant about the latest fashion trend, one which is currently making the high end fashion rounds, but will inevitably filter down to lowlier brands.

This Golden Goose pair has been pre-chewed for you by specially bred hamsters... only $535!
Only fashion designers could take the humble high top sneaker, uniform of punk rockers, street kids, and basketball players everywhere, and render it both outrageously priced and uncomfortable. The whole point of a sneaker is that it's comfy, right? You can move in them, walk miles in them, hurl yourself into a mosh pit wearing them. Well, not these sneakers. These sneakers are ultra high end, mostly over three hundred clams a pair. And, wait for this: some of them, actually the majority of them, boast wedge heels hidden in the sneak's inner architecture.
Just because they're French doesn't mean they're good. Isabel Marant sells you style for just $675.

Now, wedges might be considered the most comfortable category of heel by many (although I have enough horrible wedge filled nights on record to dispute this), but adding a wedge to a sneaker intrinsically changes the nature of the sneaker. I would argue that the addition of a wedge transforms a sneaker into a high heeled boot, albeit a puffy, stiff high heeled boot that makes the wearer look like she has developed massive cankles.

So, if you have over 300 bucks to burn and a desire to fall off your sneakers, these choices above are for you. Except for the Golden Goose pair above. I just included those because I couldn't believe that anyone would shell out that kind of money for something that looks like it's been run through a garbage disposal. Maybe I'm wrong. At Barney's.

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