Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Best Designed Tote EVER!

So many ways to schlep your stuff!
Every once in a great while, I run across an everyday object that's been truly redesigned. This seemingly ordinary tote bag is a perfect example of this rare phenomenon.

Antiatoms is a design company in Spain that delights in redesigning, indeed perfecting, ordinary bags, totes, and other methods of object transport. This tote bag is a case in point. Constructed as a tote version of a Mobius Strip, the bag can easily hold a bunch of stuff from your local farmer's market (the main reason to have sailcloth tote bags in the first place), keep your sweater you schlepped "just in case" in the center, hold a paper, magazine, or even bunch of flowers horizontally on the outside, and still feel comfortable. The thing is perfect. It would make an ideal gift for either a constant farmer's market lurker or a New Yorker who's forced to carry her life with her everywhere.

It's a Spanish company, so you'll be paying in Euros, roughly 39 of them. That's not too bad for a tote bag that can hold an entire morning or afternoon in one small totable space. At Antiatoms.

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Christina Simon said...

This might come in handy now that plastic bags are out in California!