Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Italian Engineering

Nothing beats the Italians for ingenuity.  The art.  The food.  The churches.  The bras.

Yeah, you heard right.  That Italian penchant for building big, seamlessly, and ambitiously really pays off on the lingerie front.  I'm thinking of one brand in particular, a brand that's difficult to find in the states: Ritratti.  And their one bra in particular: the Star.
As you can see from the photo, it's built a little differently.  On first glance, it seems impossible that it could work (sort of like looking up at the dome of the Duomo for the first time).  But work it does, and even on a rack like mine, which is hardly Romanesque in style.

So, who do you buy a very specially engineered bra for, anyway?  I'm guessing that there might be a lingerie freak on your list somewhere.  Or a silly bridal shower to attend (you might as well inject some culture).  Better yet, a friend who'd like to have plastic surgery but never would.  The Star would definitely help her temporarily achieve her secret goal.

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Tara said...

so you've actually sported this thing? and it works?