Thursday, November 13, 2008

So green, it smells like the lawn

I'll be perfectly honest here and say just how annoying the whole "green" thing is, particularly in Los Angeles.  Here we are, in one of the most polluted places on the planet, and rich people in the Hollywood Hills think that by purchasing a hand-plucked, humanely raised alpaca schmatte, they're somehow saving the planet.  It's consumerism at its most smug.

Still, there's nothing wrong with making a bit of an effort on the green scene.  Especially when there's always at least one person on your gift list who will be impressed.  You know the one. Never a close relative or friend, but someone who's involved with someone you're close to, a person who refuses to use Saran Wrap and starts their own compost pile... even though they live in a fourth floor walkup.  Compost, indeed.

That's why these mugs from are so perfect.  They look like corrugated cardboard, a renewable resource.  But, they're actually porcelain and dishwasher (or handwasher) safe.  Doubly renewable!  And, because going green should always involve sacrifice of some kind, these cleverly designed cups have no handles, adding a bit of digit warming risk every morning.  

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