Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vegan Carry Out

I know what you're thinking.  You think this entry is about vegan food.  Nope.  While I was a vegetarian in college (with an occasional fall off the wagon for a carnitas burrito), I can't quite get with the vegan victuals.  It's food that constantly has to pretend to be something it's not.  Little soy strips masquerading as a Reuben sandwich seems pathetic.  Obviously, the soy strips can't stand on their own; therefore, I will go eat a real Reuben instead.  At least it knows what it is, for god's sake.

So you won't be giving the vegan on your list any Miso Mayo.  Fine.  There's a bunch of other restrictions, though.  No silk (those little worms work too hard).  No leather.  No fur (ok, I'm against fur and you'll never see a fur item on this blog).   There is a solution, though.

A company called Matt and Nat is making wallets, sans bovine, reptile, stingray, or any other member of the animal kingdom.  Instead, these wallets and clutches are made out of Japanese paper.   It's vegan trickery at its best, since, unlike the aforementioned soy strips, this paper mimics leather to an uncanny degree.  Plus, they come in lovely colors like muted purple and gray.

Check them out at  Then go get a carnitas burrito.

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