Thursday, October 1, 2009

Buttons for Smart People

Remember the early 1980's, when you (may) have worn those rainbow suspenders covered with buttons as actual fashion? If only these buttons had been around then; you may have looked like a supersmart academic librarian instead of an escapee from Ork.

I'm speaking of these witty, pithy, completely original pin-
them-anywhere buttons by Beanforest. Rather than
outdated campaign slogans or "I'm With Stupid," these buttons expound on literary terms, scientific jargon, and the graphic arts world. And, as all "buttons" do, they pin onto virtually anything, making them ideal for decorating bulletin boards and cubicle walls at work, embellishing a beloved jeans jacket, or (since Beanforest will make 'em magnetized) sticking all over the front of the fridge. Brilliant. Plus, at about a buck each, a handful makes a cute and cheap gift.

What you see here is, of course, a tiny percentage of the vast plethora of button choices available at Order in bulk and distribute to smart people everywhere.

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