Thursday, October 22, 2009

Da Bird

It's true that decor is a very personal affair. One person's fabulous industrial age find might be another's Hummel figurine hideousness. But, (in this crowd, anyway), most of us are into the unusual, the quirky, and often the one-of-a-kind.

Thus, first I show you this parrot (Da Bird) that kind of goes everywhere precisely because he doesn't really match up with anything. Seriously. He's sort of crabby and fishy-eyed, and yet he has a sort of jungle-worn dignity. Presently, I can think of at least three people on my gift list who might appreciate Da Bird, all for different reasons (and I'm sure they'd all display his brilliant plumage in different places in the house). And the best thing is, he looks like a one-off, but he's actually a multiple, from Gary Gibson in Los Angeles.

Now, normally, I just discuss a particular item, but in this design studio/shop's case I'm making an exception. This store is just brimming with fabulous random stuff. I'm talking about antique pencil sharpeners, fabulous lamps, interesting art, and tons of other items that help make a home a home. There's countless opportunities for a truly personal gift here, or you can give them Da Bird and they'll be tickled too.

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