Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So NOT Barbie

Sure, politics march on (erratically and annoyingly), but there are plenty of the Obama faithful out there, with shirts and bumper stickers and bobble heads, too.

But they've been missing someone, and so has their Obama figurine. I'm talking Michelle, people. And now you can order Michelle in mini form. Choose from three different versions of the powerhouse First Lady. I'm particularly partial to the red and black Thakoon dress she wore on Election Night (yes, she did, and gave fashion a big boost to boot). Make sure she's right by his side at all times, since you know he's been lonely hanging out on their desk or dash or whatever.

The three faces of Michelle are waiting for your order at You could even have her infiltrate the Barbie house in your kid's room and get them all to register as Democrats.

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