Friday, October 2, 2009

Hide The Leftovers

There's a little known secret to household (especially new household) harmony: hide the leftovers. And I mean any kind of "leftovers," from the dirty dishes left over from dinner (hide in dishwasher), to the filthy clothes left over from the day (deposit in, preferably hermetically sealed, laundry bin).

Here, though, I'm referring to real leftovers, like the kind produced after cooking for a new spouse and realizing there's enough casserole left over to feed a small nation. It's important to get that left over food out of sight, stat. And what better way to do it than with these glass Pyrex containers? They're not plastic, so you can reheat in them without fear of contaminants. They're not disposable, so you're helping the earth (for what to do once you've eaten the leftovers and are left with the container, see paragraph above). Plus, they even look nice all stacked up so neatly in the fridge, unlike that motley assortment of mismatched, stained Tupperware you've had for years. Ok, sure, this Pyrex isn't nearly as cool as the fab colored stuff your grandmother had, but its functionality and practicality is exactly the same.

This is an excellent wedding or housewarming gift, and it's so reasonably priced for a large set: 12 pieces for under 30 bucks. At those prices, you can afford to play hide the leftovers for many years to come. Find the set at

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