Monday, October 5, 2009

Tiny Tropical Paradise

How short our memories are. First, we hate the summer heat. Then, it suddenly turns fall-like and we're nostalgic for summer. But here's a clue: it's not the steamy summer we crave, it's the tropical paradise we'd like to experience.

Unless you're a really great (and really rich) friend, the odds of sending another on a Hawaiian vacation are slim to none. But this gift really evokes the spirit of Hawaii and lazy days in a tropical garden. The Hawaiian Volcano plant is a real flowering tropical plant (this one's an anthurium, but there's a variety to choose from) growing out of a real chunk of volcanic material. It does so quite happily, as volcano rock soaks up all the water the plant needs to thrive. Apparently, these plants have even been blessed by a genuine Hawaiian Kahuna for maximum plant (and spiritual) growth. Hard to beat that.

Plus, I'm placing bets that these plants are difficult to destroy, making them ideal for even your plant-loving friends with the blackest of thumbs. Check out the tropical assortment at If you just add a great Mai Tai recipe to the mix, the perfect home paradise might be complete.

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