Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Carbon Copy Femme

There's usually someone on your holiday list who's political. By that, I don't mean that they vote, but that they really do live their beliefs. And while that can be admirable, it can make for some rough gift buying indeed.

For instance, I have quite a few very leftist, very old-school feminist relatives. I greatly respect their stance, but it's often difficult to find gifts that will delight. But this necklace could really work. Allie Pohl's "Ideal Woman" necklace looks like a crayola colored take on the eponymous Maternal Goddess form. Sort of. Except that it's just the bottom half, and that bottom looks a bit more Barbie than child-bearing. This necklace is a statement on the current state of the ideal woman in media and beyond: girlie hipped and mouthless. What could be better than for a loudly opinionated woman of a certain age to wear it? I know younger women who would wear its irony proudly as well.

You can find this Ideal Woman at Order her, she's really hip.

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