Thursday, November 5, 2009

Introducing the Silliest Xmas Decor EVER

Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a gift blog, meaning gifts you might actually wish to purchase for a giftee. But sometimes I find something so absurd, so over the top silly, that I have to write about it just to satisfy my own crabbiness. Bear with me.

Literally, bear with me. Take a look at this Christmas Butler Bear. He's huge and furry and dressed like Santa (just what every one of your guests wants to see when they enter your home). Apparently, he's also supposed to be the butler, although it's always been my impression that butlers wander about, serving people and cleaning up, not standing in a stationary position blocking human traffic. He is serving drinks, although he's incapable of making them (thank goodness the "Happy Holidays" tray he proffers is removable, so you can refill it while he just stands there, mute and useless). And he's a bear, an animal always closely associated with the holidays (?). Why not a reindeer bearing a tray on its back, or a friendly elf?

The capper on this "gift" is the price: $729.00. Here's the link just in case you have money to burn and know someone who really really needs Old Smokey here: Thanks for reading, grinning, and bearing it.

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