Monday, November 9, 2009

Manly Cashmere

It's no secret that even The Toad has trouble finding gifts for certain men. Guys are often tougher to shop for, since they profess to need nothing and pretend to have no preferences (it's all a ruse, but whatever).

This cashmere sweater, however, might be perfect for a special male. Some cashmere sweaters for men are so done up in style and fancy colors, they feel a bit twee for the manly man. Not so with this one. You see, it's made by Patagonia, the same company that popularized outdoor gear for everyday wear. While not being as very very macho as, perhaps, a parka designed for sub-degree conditions, this ultra-thin, ultra-light, pared down cashmere sweater offers style and substance; the cashmere is recyclable. Does this mean that no goats were harassed in the making of this product? Not sure. But then, most guys just like the instant credibility of the Patagonia brand, and don't spend much time thinking about goats' rights.

Did I mention this yummy cashmere sweater is $200? While that's at the top of this blog's price point, it's a pretty decent price for a lovely sweater. Especially for that difficult male. Explore it at

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