Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Roll the Salt

The holidays approacheth. This prospect might have you quivering with anticipation (particularly if you're not stuck cooking). Alternatively, you might be quaking with fear.

Here's a holiday hostess gift to lighten up the holiday mood. This salt and pepper shaker set does what every other salt and pepper set does, which is to sprinkle salt and pepper. The difference is, they do it on wheels. This makes for exciting times at the holiday table, as passing the salt becomes a fabulous obstacle course involving a sharp right at the turkey cul-du-sac and a quick u-turn around Aunt Fanny's fancy French 77 cocktail. In other words, it's perfect for kids and grow-up kids alike to share in some table games. It beats video games at the table (a truly rude activity). And their modern design makes this set perfect for tables way beyond the holidays.

So give them a spin at It's the hostess gift with forward momentum.

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