Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3D Inventor

The other day, my daughter began talking about art. She wanted to know "who painted the Mona Lisa again?" When I told her Leonardo da Vinci, she responded, "Hmmm. I always get Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardo di Caprio confused."

Maybe this book will help her tell the ultimate Renaissance Man and the Dramatic Heartthrob apart. Da Vinci wasn't just a painter (although he was an excellent artist), he was also a truly ingenious inventor. His inventions were radically ahead of his time, and some of them are still used today. This most excellent pop-up book illustrates some of his best inventions using his own illustrations from notebooks and sketches. After perusing this Journal of Inventions, one doubts her child would ever confuse da Vinci with di Caprio ever again (let's face it: if da Vinci had designed the Titanic, it never would have sank).

Find the 3-D Journal of Inventions at Amazon. And a word of warning: don't let a toddler near this, or the Journal of Inventions will transform into the Big Heap of Litter.

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