Friday, September 3, 2010

Time Flies AND Annoys

It's just one of those cruel facts of life that school starts up just as the mornings are getting apocalyptically dark and gloomy. Just this morning, my daughter (a cheerful early riser if there ever was one), managed to punch her snooze button and return to slumber. Obviously, this will not do.

I believe this flying alarm clock is the solution. You see, it has NO snooze function. The digital clock boasts a helicopter-like propeller hat which, when the alarm goes off, flies off the clock, into the air, and into a corner of the room. The alarm cannot be deactivated without returning this propeller to its home. On top of all this early morning action, the alarm itself is nuclear meltdown worthy. NO ONE could sleep through it.

Found at Think Geek, this little waker-upper is only twenty bucks for morning after morning of guaranteed timeliness. Check out the video; it explains everything in stunning detail, complete with sleeping geek.

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