Friday, September 17, 2010

Butter Fingers

I'm always looking for new kitchen products which are actually useful, and not just uni-tasker pieces of junk that take up valuable drawer space. Anything which might truly benefit the novice to middling cook on my gift list (face it: the rabid cook has everything already; you have to get them a fancy uni-tasker or nothing) is truly exciting to me.

That's why I'm particularly jazzed about these items. Ok, yes, this pair of gloves looks suspiciously like rejected Michael Jackson designs, but don't be fooled. The "Hot" glove is a pumped up potholder that's impervious to temps up to 600 degrees. The "Cut" glove, besides being extra shiny, boasts stainless steel fibers to prevent knife slashes. This is very useful for the kitchen klutz. For example, I remember a day during which my father literally cut his fingers to ribbons; the cutting board, knife, and veggies were all covered in blood (it looked like a crime scene). If only Dad had had this magic glove, such wounds could have been avoided.

The other upside? "Hot" and "Cut" are $25 and $19, respectively. That's a great pair as a housewarming gift or wedding present. Or, just for your favorite kitchen klutz. Available at Napa Style.

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