Monday, September 20, 2010

Hole-Filled Yoga

Staying fit is sort of a requirement these days, what with rising health costs and all. Exercising is an inexpensive way to spend time for maximum benefits in every other part of your life. And flexibility is a big part of those benefits.

Why flexibility? Because being flexible leads to being spry as you age, so you don't fall off the curb and hit your noggin at age 50, and you can heave yourself on and off the floor with relative ease. If you have a friend or acquaintance who's beginning an exercise program, I completely recommend these innovative yoga blocks. Built like a foam brick, they have ergonomic holes cut in them for easy grips; these things make difficult and challenging poses and stretches doable. They also keep alignment in check, avoiding muscle strains and tears as one sinks deeper into stretches (like the splits pictured at right).

At just $24 a pair, these holy yoga blocks are a low cost but great gift for the fitness inclined. And you can order them only through Gaiam. Check them out and get a grip on great flexibility.

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