Monday, October 31, 2011

Give Your Toddler a Relic From Your Past

Fisher Price definitely knows its market: parents who grew up on its toys. Now the company has re-released a bevy of toys from our childhoods. No, not the garage (you can search for that on Ebay). But just about every other toy, from the Xylophone to the Milk Wagon, is ready to be purchased for your eager child.

My personal favorite, Toy Story 3 aside, is this Chatter Phone. With its happy face and cheerful demeanor, the phone can be pulled from room to room, creating that classic child tripping hazard we've all come to expect from beloved toys. The weirdest thing about the Chatter Phone, though, is while we recognize this as telephone (and always will), it's doubtful that our kids will recognize as anything except some strange multi-colored creature that makes strange ringing sounds. I mean, when's the last time you used a dial up phone? Or even a phone with a cord? Does your phone make a brriinngg noise? I think not. Your phone is a tiny computer that live in your purse and plays Lady Gaga. And that's what your child thinks a phone is.

I write about this object disconnect for the wonderful blog, LA Moms Dig, so you can read about this further. In the meantime, even though you and your child won't see eye to eye on what this Chatter Phone is really supposed to signify, no matter. It's still a great toy, noisy and tactile and good for motor skill development. Find it at Vermont Country Store.

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