Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Halloween, Get the Gopher

It's an official Bushwood shirt!
You know, parents spend a lot of time worrying about and planning the kid's costume, but they never consider their own. Here's where the Toad can help those hapless Dads who need a costume, stat, before they end up sweating buckets all night in a muscled Batman uniform.

Ask any Dad of a certain vintage to recite a list of favorite movies (and I mean favorite, not highbrow), and he's pretty sure to have Caddyshack somewhere on that list. While women like the movie, men are obsessed with it, reciting lines, remembering paltry details, and for some reason worshiping Chevy Chase's hapless and moonfaced country club member. My boyfriend even named one of his cars the Flying Wasp, for god's sake. But the movie's true memorable character (apart from the wily gopher) was Bill Murray's sinister groundskeeper Carl Spackler. Carl was a pervert. Carl was a moron. Carl ate a soggy Baby Ruth posing as a turd, for god's sake. But Carl was a total original; the character stands out in cinematic history, and was probably the model for many idiotic characters to come (Beavis and Butthead springs to mind). Now the Dad of your choice can choose to dress like Carl, complete with goofy hat, and relive his glory days.

Find Carl at 80s Tees. You'll have to buy the Baby Ruth and the garden hose separately.

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