Friday, October 14, 2011

A Real Beauty of a Blog

This woman has done her research, and thus can relax!
This post is more of a recommendation than a gift idea, since it's free and all. As a blogger, I'm always on the look out for credible and entertaining blogs. And if I can find a blog that actually offers useful information and is credible, I'm all over it.

Take, for instance, the blog The Beauty Brains. I'm as gullible as anyone else when it comes to beauty products; I could probably spend a small fortune inside any beauty supply, which is why I steer way clear of Sephora. But, I'm smart enough to know that most of the beauty products out there are total bullshit; the publicity juggernaut drives coverage, not real results. But on this blog, real scientists answer beauty questions about specific products (and they mention the products by name). The authorities here pull no punches in crying foul regarding much touted miracle ingredients or insanely good "breakthroughs" which turn out to only breakthrough your credit limit. It's refreshing, I tell you. Plus, when the Beauty Brains do receive products for free, they only explain what they are rather than "reviewing" them (after all, how can you truly trust a review when you know the reviewer gets the goods gratis?).

Anyway, I find The Beauty Brains amusing, and it just might help you order beauty products for a giftee with complete confidence. Because nothing's more aging than the rage you experience when you realize you've been ripped off.


Christina Simon said...

I hate buying beauty products that don't work--or even do anything at all!

Missy said...

I really like The Beauty Brains book, "Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm?" Very interesting Q&A book that provides the science behind the claims. Personally, I bought the book because I really wanted to know if you could actually get hooked on lip balm. Apparently, you can!