Thursday, October 20, 2011

Very Pretty Art by a Very Pretty Person

Normally, I steer clear of art recommendations as gifts. Art is just such a subjective thing. While there's art I very much like and appreciate, it might not be the art I'd like to live with every day. And what I like, others may loathe. For instance, over my fireplace, I have a four foot long blow up of a photograph of the Hollywood Hills (complete with sign) on fire. I think it's a fantastic shot and sort of witty to boot, but one of my friends hates it and says it gives her massive anxiety. Fair enough.

This art, however, is very pretty and thoughtful. Created by the very lovely all around person Emily Cline (an artist, actress and model creating out of Larchmont, New York), these prints and collages are misty and melancholy, full of flower imagery, yet not at all frilly. Some of them include words (usually about self knowledge or transformation), and all have just glorious color combinations. Emily calls her print line Ruby Shea, and one of her prints, especially framed, would make a lovely gift. Because, if you're good enough friends, you have an inkling of the type of art your giftee gravitates toward.

Here's the best part: every print is around $30! That's really reasonable for original art prints made on excellent paper. Check out Ruby Shea on Etsy and buy some very pretty art from a very pretty person.

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