Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween: Raw and Delicious

I have great nostalgia for the costumes I used to make as a child. Perhaps the most memorable one was an entire box of Kleenex I created for my little sister; she won first prize at school masquerading as a pile of disposable hankies. It was a fine moment.

But, my teenage artistry cannot compare with the store bought costumes available for kids now. Let's face it: they're perfect. Every detail, every bell and whistle, has been considered from head to toe. All you have to do is have your kid point to the image of her choice and pay with a credit card for an instantly perfect costume. And since I am no longer crafty or sew at all (you DO NOT want to arm me with a hot glue gun; the cursing is unbelievable), I'm usually more than willing to order it and forget it.

These nigiri sushi costumes, however, by Not The Kitchen Sink, sort of seem like the best of both worlds. Yes, they are adorable and absolutely representative of pieces of fish, rice, and seaweed. And yet, these felt tidbits still have a delightfully home made look about them. I can almost picture my own mother (if my own mother had eaten sushi in the 1970s) creating one of these costumes for her kids. I'm tempted to order one for my niece to be, due around Christmas, so that she can be a sweet shrimp next year.

Each sushi piece will run you about $60, which is close to other store bought costume prices, but these costumes have a bit more charm. Not The Kitchen Sink also sells a Kikkoman Soy Sauce bottle costume, for those looking for an entire meal to escort down the street. At Etsy.

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Anonymous said...

They're adorable, but I really would like to see your Tissue-box costume.