Monday, August 17, 2009

Clear Pour

There's still time to snag that Labor Day weekend invite to some wonderful property. And yes, you'll still need to bring a hostess gift.

These dog days of summer have been fog and rain days of summer for many. Forget iced tea, think hot tea. Thus, this very witty and adorable creamer as a hostess gift. It's so coy, done up as a crystal clear version of a little half pint of half and half. It's just the thing for a modern tea party to mark summer's conclusion (and ponder its never arrival. So weird, that global warming thing).

The half pint creamer is dishwasher and microwave safe (if it does turn out to be a scorcher, use it to pour hot caramel sauce over ice cream). And did I mention it's just fourteen bucks? Find it at It's a clear choice for a righteous pour.

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