Friday, August 7, 2009

Ultimate Key Home

You must know someone with a passion for really good design. You know, design that lets the utility of the object shine, while maintaining a certain elegant aesthetic.

Meet the Il Bisonte key chain. Yes, it looks so simple, and even a bit retro. But it works like a dream. Keys easily come on and off the individual rings with ease, thanks to convenient openings that screw open and shut (no more chipping nails trying to jam keys onto those terrible rings). The leather is available in different finishes (as is the metal), so it can look preppy, molto italiano, or even biker according to your color selection. And the large ring that holds it all together is, well, very easy to hold. In short, this key ring functions just as a key ring should. You get to use your keys, not fight with the ring. Excellent.

Il Bisonte is hard to find; there's only two retail stores in the U.S.. Order it for your design conscious friends at

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