Friday, August 28, 2009

Main Tweeze

Here's a secret every woman knows: one of her best friends is her pair of tweezers. Seriously, how else can a woman pluck herself to perfection (and we also all know that the car, with its unforgiving light and close mirror proximity, is the ideal place for a tweezer session).

So if you have a best friend, you should give her another pal she can take with her, where ever she may go. I'm speaking of the new Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Tweezerman tweezers. They're just so damn cute, all dolled up in colorful glory. And that color serves a valuable purpose, allowing the tweezers to be easily found at the bottom of a purse or toiletry kit. Access is, after all, key to grooming success. Plus, they're Tweezerman, which means they actually tweeze just about anything (including splinters from a child's quivering foot). What a great, thoughtful gift.

These special edition tweezers are only sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, or at Buy them and look sharp.

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