Monday, August 31, 2009

For Heavy Duty Phone Calls

I recently read an article regarding the link between brain tumors and cell (and cordless) phone use. I have no idea if it's accurate, but I do know that cell and cordless phones lack a certain style in the home. And for your modernist, stylish friends, what could be better than remedying that situation?

These British phones (vintage yet fully functional) are, by far, the greatest rotary phones I've ever seen. These shots are just two of the many, many color combos available. They look like vintage cars, or fabulous Vespas. Can't you just picture one sitting upon a little Saarinen or Kartell Gnome table in an entryway? Sure, you can't walk far and wide while gabbing, but some phone calls are worth a bit of stasis, especially now that we know multi-tasking is less, not more efficient (yet another recent article). Plus, in an emergency (like an earthquake), rotary phones will still work, while the cell and cordless phones become dead ducks.

You will have to contact the sellers at for pricing info; they very well may be over the Toad's price point, but I just couldn't resist this call of temptation.

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