Monday, August 3, 2009

Luscious Lippage

I know that this isn't a product/makeup blog, but sometimes, if I've test-driven a product long enough and think it's fab, I'll pass on the info. This is one of those products. It's perfect for your makeup obsessed friends, but it would work equally well for the makeup minimalist (like yours truly).

The problem I have with lip products is that they tend to:
1. Taste bad
2. Smell bad
3. Feel bad
4. Screw up my natural lip color and LOOK bad
Thankfully, this YSL Rough Pur Shine (I know, such a snotty french name) has not one of these terrible traits. Indeed, I'm now on my fourth (!) tube, going for my fifth. There's something about this product. It glides on so smoothly and feels light yet protective, which it should be since it's loaded with SPF 15. The smell is a lovely, faint rose scent which for some reason, even though I hate synthetic flower smells, is very pleasing. It has no discernible taste. And, finally, its super-sheer formula offers just enough tint without any radical changes (I like #25, a very light brown, but that's totally up to you). It's just great. You should buy it.

YSL isn't always easy to find, but it's always available online at Order today and stop that pucker pout.

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