Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stinky Jewelry

There's always a prankster in your little group of friends. Someone who delights in the practical joke and gets away with it. Someone who still laughs at the incongruous sight of sneakers dangling atop a telephone wire.

This is the perfect necklace for them. Two lovely, scent-free (but not stinky prank-free) sneakers all tied up and dangling around the neck of your funny friend. They're made of silver, not cotton. And they're done up as ultra-cool Converse high-tops, rather than just some poor schmo's basic white Reeboks. Although this necklace looks like a bolo (remember the 80's), artist Victoria Mason has artfully strung them securely together using two different silver chains, so there's no risk of flying miniature foodwear.

This necklace is about $200 AU dollars. Thus, it's at the top of the Toad's price point. But it definitely is a pair of the coolest sneaks in town. Order at

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