Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Easy on the Eyes

It will give you the power of beauty
As I have repeatedly stated, this is not a makeup blog. I will, however, make an exception if I find a product that's really effective and gift worthy. Makeup, believe it or not, can make a wonderful gift (my sister gave me a smokey eye kit a couple years ago that was pure genius, and really delivered that messed up rocker persona. Or maybe that was due to the insomnia. I digress).

Anyway, one of the best ways to do easy holiday season makeup is to stick with the eyes, because, let's face it, gooey red lipstick and foamy eggnog are one gross combo. If you do a great eye with just a bit of sparkle and drama (an eyelash curler doesn't hurt here), you could just go with moisturizer and Chapstick everywhere else. And that's where this Trish McEvoy 24 Hour Shadow and Liner stick comes into play. This beautifully packaged golden wand contains a rather broad stick of soft, shimmery shadow that glides on like a dream, but stays on the whole night. It's like evening in a tube. I actually like to wear this during the day and just go for that Winter Lemur look.

One stick goes for $32, which isn't cheap. Still, it's basically all you need, besides the Chapstick, and you know that's cheap. At Trish McEvoy. Buy one for yourself (I like the dark charcoally one) and one for a makeup junkie friend.