Monday, February 3, 2014

Say The Words, Wear The Words

God knows what these are saying, but I'm sure it's charming.
As you well know, jewelry is a big favorite as a Valentine's Day gift. Tiffany & Co certainly knows that, since my email and feeds have been inundated with advertising for expensive baubles.

While diamonds are nice, they're impersonal. Why not immortalize your own words with a David Bizer audio file necklace or keyring? The concept is pretty brilliant: create an audio file of what you'd like to say to your love (something short, please, now is not the time to recite Jabberwocky). Then, use the jewelry maker's site to send the audio file. He'll create a plywood or acrylic representation of your file, either as a necklace or a keychain. It's so much less obvious that a necklace that sports "I Love You." I can see the necklace also strung on a wall as an art piece, too. Inside jokes, pet names, unique endearments, all work beautifully. You can even get dirty and no one will know.

If you want one, better order it pronto at Prices are in pounds, but seem to cap out at around $80 or so.