Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Phone Pillow Gone Hardcore

This thing is hard as a rock, but I doubt the iPhone minds much.
It's a proven fact that if you have a spot to put specific items, you'll probably place them in that spot and actually be able to locate said items. Take the phone, for instance, that ends up in a purse, on the desk, placed on the kitchen counter, or even left in the bathroom (ew). Just think: if there really was an appealing, stylish spot to stick your phone, you'd use it, right?

The very quirky company Snarkitecture has the answer in the Pillow, a phone holder that looks like a pillow, but is actually made of concrete. Yep, it's a concrete resting place, all white and elegant looking, just waiting to keep your phone corralled. All you have to do is order the thing and place it where you'll use it constantly. This makes a wonderfully low tech gift for that high tech style geek on your gift list. Of course, it can also hold other things, like keys, or sunglasses, or change, but it's specifically designed to hold the phone.

As with all scarce, stylish gifts, the Pillow isn't a bargain at $68. But what price do you put on efficiency? At Snarkitecture.