Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beauty for the Intrepid

Summer is basically here (although if you're on the east coast or in the mid west, my condolences, because your weather is seasonally bizarre and sucks). Now is the time for travel plans, beach outings, and a less hectic beauty routine. Know a friend who's going away and having a birthday? Geminis (like the Toad) are not into fuss when it comes to appearance; they're into efficiency.

Thus, I've rounded up a little travel package of some beauty short cuts and essentials for the lucky adventurous friend. Present her with this little assortment of products and watch her gleam.

Chicstix: Yeah, I know, it seems a little weird and intimate to give a shaving product, but after test

driving this for about a month, I have to say it's pretty genius. Shaped like a roll on deodorant stick, this solid shaving soap glides on in the shower and makes for one close, soft shave. So soft, in fact, that Mr. Crab has commented on the softness of my legs (no small feat for a Toad). I prefer the unscented, but the reviews have been positive on the scent front. Plus, because it's solid, it's easy to haul on a trip. And it lasts a lot longer than a can of shaving cream. It's $9, but it's money well spent. At Chicstix.

Ojon Reverse Damage: Unless you and your friends have virtuous virgin hair, you have some damage going. Frizz, split ends, frazzles, the unflattering possibilities are endless and summer only makes them worse. This light weight oil treatment protects and smoothes those freaky follicles. And it only takes a couple of drops to do the job. At Sephora.

Embroyolisse Lait Concentre: You can trust the French when it comes to good skincare. And this cream, which I've been slathering on for a couple of weeks, is superior to just about anything else I've tried. It's a secret weapon for professional makeup artists and models everywhere. You can use it as a primer, a makeup remover, and one kick ass moisturizer. And it contains no nasty parabens. This stuff smoothes on like a dream and continues to protect for about 24 hours. Plus, the texture is dreamy. All in all, the perfect salve for a flight, to avoid in air mummification. At Embryolisse.

Essie's Butler, Please: What's a vacation without a little fun on the toes? This rich blue looks both indulgent and modernist. It's not morbid. It won't make your feet look dead. It will make the toes look worthy of lounging in Yves Saint Laurent's moroccan hideaway. At Essie.