Monday, March 31, 2014

Thoughts on the Demise of DailyCandy

It's all gone, gone, gone.
Frankly, I hadn't thought much about DailyCandy, the daily "in the know" online subscription service, in an age. It hasn't seemed relevant in a while.. That's probably why it's now gone, a victim of no longer being the first in the know, competing with endless other sites for inside information. It simply got lost in the shuffle.

When I first saw DailyCandy, I was in love. Its short, pithy little entries about everything from products to restaurants to hair salons was totally new and fresh. In fact, I wanted to write for DailyCandy, quite desperately. I wrote them, and obviously never heard back. Still, that rejection pushed me forward into creating Find A Toad, sort of my own little version. I've written about pretty much anything and everything I've wanted, baring of course the deeply personal. I guess I owe DailyCandy for that.

There now seem to be a thousand versions of exclusive tidbit sites, ranging from the fairly cynical Dead Cool (which is completely uncool and seems a slave to publicity mavens), to the countless discount sites, which make you wonder exactly who pays top dollar for anything anymore. Is everything at a discount? And, if everything is at a discount, doesn't that mean that the discount is the new full price? Just wondering.

So, that's my little obituary for the end of a taste making, trend spotting, and ultimately visionary site, done in by, I suppose, doing its job so well that it paved the way for too many imitators. Rest in peace, DailyCandy.