Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cart, No Donkey

The weekly (and even bi-weekly) trips to the local farmer's market are always an adventure. Making your way through the crowds, schlepping bags stuffed full of produce and products, you are your own donkey cart, without any equine assistance in sight.

Here's some sweet rescue from the old heave and haul. This "hook and go" shopping cart is small and lightweight, yet holds up to 70 pounds of stuff. Its excellent design allows you to hook and hang various bags of food (you can even order the thing with reusable bags) as you go. The distinct advantage to the hook method is that, unlike grocery style carts, you won't end up with your tomatoes migrating to the bottom of the transport pile and transforming into sauce before you even get home. Plus, it folds up to fit in your car. Unless you have a Smart Car. Nothing fits in a Smart Car. Not so smart.

Anyway, check this nifty cart out at And stop being your own donkey.

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