Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yes, yes, I know it's annoying when one of your friends is on a crazy diet. Either they can't eat meat, or can only eat meat, or think bread is the devil, or swallow gallons of putrid liquid. It's all in the quest for perfection, and quests demand sacrifice: of pleasure, energy, and good spirits. Vanity sucks.

So here's a little gift for all of them. You might think it's hostile, but I think it's a reminder of what they're denying themselves. These sets of teeny, tiny food are quite elegant and complete. They range from an old-fashioned outdoor barbeque to an elegant lobster and oyster feast (complete with claw cracker). And they're served in portions of which even South Beach would approve. They come in "blind" sets, meaning you won't know what you have until you tear open the wrapping. Like a lilliputian surprise meal, but made of plastic.

Order these tiny teasers at www.kidrobot.com. It's a teachable moment about what a "fun meal" really is.

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