Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Save Your Own Life

Presenting the bracelet that could save a life (maybe even your own). And no, it's not one of those official medic bracelets with an entire medical history engraved on it in Sanskrit.

This Survival Bracelet (yes, it's really called that) is made out of a bunch of braided and interwoven supertough fibers. When you present it to the outdoorsy, brazen member of your friends and family club, explain that it can be dismantled and used, for instance, to rescue a fallen comrade. It could also help to build a shelter, tie up food to protect it from wild bears, and even act as a crude fishing line. There are, of course, other uses for these wondrous fibers, like if there's something stuck in a back molar after a chopped salad at The Ivy. But you know, that's considered a flossing emergency, not life or death. I guess the definition of survival could be relative for some.

You'll find the Survival Bracelet (and all the other Survival gear, including rather nifty dog collars, for when Timmy's fallen in the well) at www.survivalstraps.com.

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